DHS Friends: 2001 through 2021

Conceived in February of 2001, DHS Friends thrived for twenty years.  During this period the organization grew into a group of Dunn High School alumni, faculty, and staff, which, through financial contributions, membership participation, fundraisers, member donations--large and small--made a huge impact on the lives of many dozens of students with family ties to the old Dunn High School.

We are proud to boast that during its brief history, DHS Friends funded over $490,000 in scholarships, student aid, community contributions, and scholarship endowments.  We are proud to have supported the Tyler Park Renovation Project and the Dunn Area History Museum.  In addition, we established FOUR perpetually giving Scholarship Endowments—now totaling over $285,000.  These Endowments will continue to provide scholarships to deserving high school graduates long after DHS Friends is gone.  You may continue to SUPPORT the scholarships and endowments through the Harnett County Community Foundation. The legacy of DHS Friends is that the memory of Dunn High School will live on forever.

Visit the Dunn High School Exhibit at the Dunn Area History Museum.


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