Rebecca Munn Stanfield Memorial Scholarship

Dunn Alumni Group Receives $100,000 Donation
becky stanfield photo for scholarship
Seated L to R Willie Stanfield and Til Stanfield
Standing L to R Harry Byrd, Myres Stanfield, Manly Johnson, Mary Lemuel Blalock

Myres Tarry Stanfield of Atlanta, Ga., a 1964 alumnus of Dunn High School, has given $100,000 to DHS Friends in memory of his late wife, Rebecca Hart Munn Stanfield. Mrs. Stanfield died April 21, 2006, and was an educator for many years, including teaching primary grades in Harnett County.

Mr. Stanfield, a former Dunn resident, is the son of the late Dr. William Wesley Stanfield, a beloved Dunn physician from 1934 until his death in 1974, and the late Frances Tarry Stanfield, who died in 1996.

Upon presenting the check to Manly Johnson, DHS Friends chairperson, Mr. Stanfield said that the method DHS Friends uses to manage the scholarship program is one of the best he has seen.
"This organization is a vital part of the Dunn community, and I believe in DHS Friends and the significance placed on education," he said. Mr. Stanfield said his wife loved being an educator and felt that the primary grades are the most important years of a student's education.

"Becky was the only college graduate of four children, and she believed that furthering one's education, beyond a high school level, was essential in achieving lifetime goals," Mr. Stanfield said. He said his wife grew up in Creedmoor, and enjoyed coming back to Dunn High School reunions to see her friends. "This is where Becky would want the scholarship trust to go," Mr. Stanfield said. "She loved Dunn and considered it home. Of all the places we lived, Dunn was her hands-down favorite."

"This contribution will not only eternalize the memory of Becky, but it will also perpetuate the memory of a school that was dear to its students, teachers and administrators," said Mr. Johnson. "This gift from Myres shows his complete devotion to his wife and to our organization."

Mary Lemuel Blalock, Class of 1962 and the first DHS Friends chairperson, said the Blalock and Stanfield families have been close friends for 72 years, and called Mr. Stanfield a special and unselfish person. "We dreamed of a moment as this when DHS Friends was organized. Now, it is a reality," she said. Ms. Blalock said the gift would be held in a scholarship trust for many students, some of whom are only beginning their academic matriculation as students at Harnett Primary School. "These little ones will benefit from the gift that Myres has given in memory of Becky long after the founding members are gone," she said.

Former organization treasurer Harry Byrd, Class of 1970, said, "Myres has been a constant proponent of DHS Friends since its inception. Hopefully, other DHS alumni will follow his lead with their support of various needs within the alumni association."



Going forward, the DHS Friends' Rebecca Munn Stanfield Memorial Scholarship will be made available and administered by the Harnett County Community Foundation-Sandhills affiliate of the North Carolina Community Foundation.

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